Sunday, June 26, 2016

Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits.  The tracklist and cover-art is below.  It was about time to go back through the past ten years and collect what's resonated with fans (and myself) so that the best of the different time periods and moods of music I've put out are all in one place.  Listen/pick up on Itunes, Spotify and Apple Music (and other digital retailers) as the album goes live over the next week.

Track Listing

1. Bless You
2. Here's Looking at You (From Behind)
3. Dark in Here
4. I'm Not in Trouble
5. Hinting Towards the Door
6. Sugarcoat
7. Hard Feelings
8. Walking Away
9. Ain't No Way
10. Okay
11.  Oh Man
12.  Good Night

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