Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Music

I figured that I would write a little post to let everyone know that although I am still in the dregs of promoting "Almighty Row", there is a new album in what I could only label as the pre-production phase. There are some old songs that I'm pretty sure are going to end up on this new LP, along with some new ones that I probably haven't even started to write as of yet. I do know that, conceptually, this album is probably going to have 12 tracks, working together as a cohesive piece, but it will more than likely be somewhat more dynamic than "Almighty Row", so that each song has its own combination of positive and negative emotions, as well as sparse or complicated instrumental arrangements. Nothing is set in stone yet, and there is no definite title, as that will be forthcoming. I can honestly say that "Here's Looking at You (From Behind)", "Not So Lonely", and "Bless You" are up for inclusion, and at least two of those three, probably all of them, will be on the album. Track listing so far is as follows:

7. Bless You
11. Not So Lonely
12. Here's Looking at You (From Behind)

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