Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Girls "Album"

I have to say that I'm usually skeptical when bands/musicians are over-hyped by reputable indie sources such as Pitchfork, Paste, Stereogum, and a wealth of others, but "Album", by the San Francisco-based "Girls", has to be one of the most refreshing pieces of music that I've heard in a while. The vocals certainly have a punk aesthetic, but many of the songs are rather mid-tempo, which allows for the group to infuse pure melody into their compositions. The lyrics tend to be straightforward and witty, but they don't leave the listener begging for deeper meaning, as they conjure a distinct sort of personal imagery that few musical acts can ever make seem as though it's inviting as well. If there is one song that exemplifies all of Girl's positive elements, then "Hellhole Ratrace" is definitely the epitome of the band's current musical philosophy, as it carries both atmospheric and melodic strokes seamlessly throughout its seven minute duration. You can check out Pitchfork's kind words on Girls' "Album" at

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