Saturday, December 5, 2009

Much Love For "Almighty Row"

Check out some of the things that have been said about "Almighty Row". The positive reviews just keep coming.

"...this may well be the release you have been waiting for..."
-Cougar Microbes

"Almighty Row is a solid debut from an artist brimming with promise."
-Snob's Music

"Jason Ward is the kind of artist we’d like to hang out with on our front porch, enjoying the last rays of autumn sun and a nice cool breeze. With Hinting Towards The Door, he sets us up with a wonderful tempo, and gives us a nice lyrical canvas where we can overlay our own story, or a moment from our own lives… What more could we ask for?"

"Jason Ward's music has taken its melancholic cologne from 90s alt-rock/grunge pioneers with the likes of Radiohead and Soundgarden..."
-This Winki's

"...very few are as talented as Jason Ward."

"Almighty Row by Jason Ward is wonderful. Sugarcoat is a song of the year."

Remember, "Almighty Row" is still up for free download at

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  1. Hi Jason - thanks for mentioning my site and my review. Working on a review of Graceful Bow :)

    -- Underwurld Music